Last night, we celebrated the vernal equinox, aka Mean Erraigh. It was my first major ritual in the role of priestess, and I'm still finding my ground as I was standing in a new spot. Normally, I am in my zen, and can walk through ritual doing everything I need to, but still be in my space to receive everything. Last night was different. My feet felt a bit odd, as I'm trying to get used to the ground, literally, in front of the alter. The terrain creates a different balance, that causes my stance to be adjusted. The grass under my feet has an odd feel about it, and there's more contact with the dirt. I will slowly find my way. I don't want to copy the format, so to speak, of our grove priestess, because I want to be able to make the ritual mine in some way. She has a great foundation, but I feel uncomfortable there, for now. But in other ways, there is comfort as I think it is leading to more growth for me. More stability in myself and where my head is, during a normal day.

There are many questions that I need to ask, and will ask. One of the tenets of the 8 limbs of yoga is a spiritual practice, and I believe this to be a sign to work on this aspect of my yoga. In fact, in the last couple of weeks, while I have not been all about my asana practice, I have found that my standing poses have felt more grounded and more open. My Warrior Is have actually become wider in my stance, with my feet more connected. My Warrior IIs have been more open and solid, even my downward dogs are more connected. It's like everything is going backward from the top down, while I still have my head in the clouds, my feet are also very connected to the ground. Which I can see as being very beneficial to a priestess, who needs her hands in the sky, and her toes rooted in the earth.