Glory to the Sun, who's resting time has come. Glory to the Moon, who's light now shines bright. A time of rest to gather strength for the coming season. Planning the crops and what growth is to come.


Stones are the structure of the Earth. Building blocks of the core ground down to make the warm, soft blanket. Allowing the nourishment for things to grow and mature. They are our living ancestors. Predecessors to our feet. Their knowledge is vast, they absorb all that we give them. Their stoic existence brings relaxation and peace. Their movement can bring destruction. They are nature. They are earth. They are us.


I sit with a riverstone in my hand, purchased for the Lughnasadh festivities. It was the one I picked for myself. Smooth and splotched with colour. I feel each facet of it, as I tell it my troubles. The things I need to cast off. It accepts them and the weight lifts. This stone will be the keeper of some of my knowledge. As all stones hold bits of human knowledge. In time, it will be a facilitator of my own mastery, just as Lugh was the master of himself.


The South.
Direction of entry between beginning and end. It is the point of center on the sun travel wheel. It is a point of extreme, not in the middle. Place of the spear, domain of the hawk. Realm of Lugh, place of summer. Place of dedicants, place of light. Entrance of descent into the darkness of mystery.

The spear.
Straight, Never missed its mark, weapon of a master. Symbol of dedication to path. Once released, always follows straight path of truth. Sharp point always pierces heart of target. Mastery required to know when to use it and when to cover it. Thirst for blood requires truth of heart and strength of conviction to resist inner desire for revenge in face of conflict.