We have entered the dark half of the year. I have been absent from here, as much work to finish the transformation of myself has taken place. My work room is now a calm space, where I can prepare the morning rituals to provide my clients the space to heal. I have been moving into myself as well. Becoming the healer/warrior and growing into my path. My dedication as a warrior has been paying off. I am progressing to a point where I can begin to represent my ancestors and my tribe in battle.

I have also stepped outside of myself, to surpass the boundaries that have caged me these last couple of years. I have flown with the birds and explored that realm of air, where the gods live. I have danced with the Sidhe in the undersides of the Earth realm. I have met with the Mhorrighain and lain my sword at her feet in her service.

In this next year, I meet my death again, and take that next step towards my destiny. The constant trials, so I know my progress and my abilities, so that they may be best put to use for the benefit of my tribe and family.


My days have been stressful, of late. My workroom at the office has been lacking for me, and not providing the atmosphere necessary for the type of work that I am doing. These are my plans and rituals...

First step, is to set-up an alter in one of the corners to Brigidh and Airmid. I will have a candle that will be lit every day to Brigidh, to light the fires of healing for my clients. I will have a cauldron available, filled with sea, with stones around it for my clients to place their intentions for the day or their massage, should they wish. I will also have my bells with me, to perform the morning set-up and evening break-down ritual and to cleanse the room should I find it necessary.

The next step, will be to finish my paintings. They will be placed above the alter. One will describe the meaning of the fire - "The spark of the fire, is the passion that moves us through life." The other will describe the meaning of the sea - "Water is fluid, so that we may move through the landscape of life. Navigating through its hills and valleys."

On one wall, I will be hanging my Triskele tapestry, not only to cover the lack of care my landlord has given to that wall, but also to add the sacred 3 for whichever meaning my clients choose to attribute to it.

My window covering I will have to make. I will be visiting an art store for purple paper. Purple has a dual meaning here - my clients are royalty to me. When they come to me, it is by their wishes that I work on them. It is also the colour of transformation, because within my hands, is the power to assist them in transforming their bodies into a united entity, instead of just a vessel, through which they house their being. On this paper, I will be painting, in black, a Triskelion, in Japanese calligraphy style. Much to mimic a shoji screen and allow a little light in, but also show the weaving of life in the circle through the different realms and unite them, as my clients will be uniting themselves within their bodies.