I've sat thinking about how energy gets absorbed and redistributed about the universe, in a method that some people call reincarnation. I've felt the need to look at my views on reincarnation, because I've started to notice different things that conflict with my previous views. When a flower dies in winter, and re-emerges in the spring; is it the same flower in that spot, or a different one? I think it's a different one that grew from the previous one. Just as we humans, and other animals, do. I've read, before, that the Celts believed that we could come back as anything, transient or intransient. Whether or not this is true, is up for speculation, but I agree with it. I think our energy is absorbed and redistributed into what is needed.

When we look into our past lives, are they really lives we've lived? Or are they snippets of someone else's life, who's energy contributed to our current make-up? I'm willing to go out on a limb with my pseudo-scientific background and say that our bodies are what holds our spirit together, and when it dies and releases our spirit, it scatters. Like light particles and that energy becomes fused with other things. What we call past lives, are the little bits of memory that the absorbed energy carries, which would explain why people don't remember their whole lives, just bits and pieces, to know who they were. That would also explain why we can have so many past lives that get remembered. It's just a matter of tapping into those bits and pieces of memory. For me, this is what makes up the otherworld, we become someone/thing else. That would explain why I can remember the tree part of me, as well as the pixie part of me. They are what makes up the current me.

We are our ancestors and our descendants. I really like this phrase, mainly because it shows our interconnectedness with each other. However, I take it one step further and include "our surroundings". Our energies contribute to our environment and our surroundings; our vibrations contribute to how our pets react to us and how we react to them. It also affects the plants around us that we take care of. Like the gods before us, who went underground, and became spirits within nature, we can transform into it. That is how we are capable of shape-shifting, through various methods, and working with the energy of various places and animals. We are able to call on those because they are part of us. It's just all a manner of tapping into that energy and learning how to use it.