Chi: the life energy that connects all without and within

When you draw Chi up, to be used, you open yourself to it. Like every energy, Chi has a feel, a memory. When you open yourself up to it, you can come into touch with that memory. It is that memory that allows us to communicate with the otherworld. Tapping into the natural flow of Chi around us, allows for us to dreamwalk, or astral travel.

When we work magic, we are directing energy. We are directing Chi. In order to work with the energy, we must center, through some type of meditation. Whether it be the elemental wheel, as in Tai Chi, or a simple vocal vibration. That act allows for us to, not only build our own Chi (potential energy), but to also familiarize ourself with the energy we are bringing into our being. Once that is done, we begin to direct that energy. To do so, we formulate and focus on our intent. That intent is carried with the Chi, through its own memory. There is also the process, for the point of healing, of directing Chi to be used as the healee sees fit. It may be used or discarded by the healee.

In the form of communication, Chi does not exist as time or place. It just is. Because of this property, a person can use it to gain knowledge by focusing his/her own Chi on the question at hand. Through that focus, boundaries can be transcended, and the veil can be crossed. One means of doing this is energy-shifting. Similar to the view of some indigenous cultures regarding shape-shifting. First step is to change your Chi frequency to that, which you desire to be. In the case of astral travelling, you shift your Chi outside your physical self. By doing so, you become liminal and recognizable to pass through the veil to the otherworld. This is where my stumbling block exists. I am readily capable of transforming myself, but in transforming back, I lose my link with what I've gained.


The Morrigan - a battle goddess thirst for the blood of the slain. A dark goddess, shrouded in the unknown black of raven's wings. The wise decider of death. Temptress. Keeper of the dark year, giver of rest and recouperation. Keeper of balance, provider. Mother of nature, wisdom goddess of the night. Cold, predecessor of light. Preparation for prosperity. Time of hard work. Red fury. Defender of wild fury. Natural order. Trial of dedication. Spark for desire of hope.