We have entered the dark half of the year. I have been absent from here, as much work to finish the transformation of myself has taken place. My work room is now a calm space, where I can prepare the morning rituals to provide my clients the space to heal. I have been moving into myself as well. Becoming the healer/warrior and growing into my path. My dedication as a warrior has been paying off. I am progressing to a point where I can begin to represent my ancestors and my tribe in battle.

I have also stepped outside of myself, to surpass the boundaries that have caged me these last couple of years. I have flown with the birds and explored that realm of air, where the gods live. I have danced with the Sidhe in the undersides of the Earth realm. I have met with the Mhorrighain and lain my sword at her feet in her service.

In this next year, I meet my death again, and take that next step towards my destiny. The constant trials, so I know my progress and my abilities, so that they may be best put to use for the benefit of my tribe and family.