Oftentimes, when I'm called on to describe my religious beliefs, I'm stuck in a bind, as my beliefs go beyond just the religious realm. They seep into every aspect of my being, from political perspectives to the way I evaluate my friendships and other relationships.

The most important thing, I've found, is the ability to step back, observe and evaluate the information that comes in to my conscious. This goes with all that happens in nature, as well. It's important to be open, in all senses, to gain input from the environment, to find the truth in each situation and action.

Separating out of the situation, and being able to evaluate one's own actions is also important, as the saying goes, "You will be known by your actions." If one is unable to evaluate his/her own actions, and unable to admit the wrong, or inconsistency, of those actions, then how can one expect any level of respect when the arrogance of hypocrisy is standing in the way? Given the life and times of current, standing in the middle, or admitting that there is another truth to the contrary, is frowned upon. Those with the loudest voices proclaim the need to be adherent to a hardline view, with no room to analyze the truth that those in the middle acknowledge.

When this comes to spirituality, it lends into the ability to look at the mundane/profane split and be able to distinguish the reflection that one has on the other. This also heads into the research of any given path, where to draw the line between what is fact and what is inferred. While one is not more correct than the other, knowing where the basis lies will reflect upon the knowledge and character of the individual.

This definitely deserves more thought...